The services we offer, in a nut shell.

Apple iOS Development

iOS applications for Apple devices are becoming a forever growing industry, don't be left behind! We're proud to offer complete iOS solutions designed specifically to fit your needs.

Web Application Development

Having an online presence today is a huge thing. Our web development services span from single page web applications to full e-Commerce solutions, and anything in between!

Windows Development

Windows is still the most widely used operating system, so it only makes sense we also offer bespoke Windows solutions written to target the Microsoft .NET framework.

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iPad and iMac

iOS Development

All our iOS applications are extensivley tested before deployment to ensure you get the smoothest running experience and if you find a fault, we'll fix it for free. All applications target iOS version 8 or higher, and will be compatible with any* Apple device running this software.

Windows Tablet

Windows Development

As is with our iOS development, rest assured the same rigorous testing is applied to our Windows applications. Our software can be developed for any Windows device running the Microsoft .Net Framework, meaning our applications can run on devices such as the Microsoft Surface tablet and other Windows tablets in addition to laptop and desktop PC's.


Why invest in bespoke software?

Bespoke software can save you or your business countless hours in multiple ways. Examples of this range from the automation of tedious daily tasks to providing a full bespoke solution to fulfil a business need or function. These solutions are tailored specially to your request, meaning the software you get at the end performs exactly as expected.

What if the software breaks, malfunctions or a bug is found after deployment?

If any of the above occur as a result of the way the software was written by Ashton Development and not through misuse of the software via the customer, a fix will be provided free of charge. Should an error or malfunction occur due to misuse of the software, a support call should be logged via the support email address where we will provide a quote on the cost to fix it. This will be charged at an hourly rate. A customer can however purchase a Support Contract which will allow them to log a support call and have the solution provided free of charge.

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* Any device is limited to iPhone and iPad. Applications targeting Apple Watches will be quoted for seperately and may come at additional cost.